EFour ESchool  


 Personalized professional business development services for 

entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging economies

Innovative Microenterprise Support

Finally--a way to help small businesses that's efficient, cost-effective, and convenient.  ESchool is B-school for entrepreneurs. 


Three exclusive programs meet the needs of developing-nation microenterprises:


  • ECoaching is a basic 5 week coaching program for beginner entrepreneurs that teaches business basics in an interactive way


  • EPlan is an 11 week intensive that guides advanced-level business owners and startups to develop their business plans



How do we do it?


  • We coach entrepreneurs weekly in hourlong remote sessions via an internet platform.  There are no travel or meeting costs. 


  • We work in small groups of four to provide personalized coaching, but at a lower cost than individual mentoring.


  • We know our stuff.  We're senior BDS experts who specialize in international development, and we have extensive private sector business experience. We work only with entrepreneurs in developing countries.


  • We leverage technology for efficiency. ECoaching makes use of simple worksheets tailored to the beginner level entrepreneur.  EPlan and EFinancials utilize a proprietary user-friendly online business plan template and custom financial software, Lean Projections.  Management teams can collaborate online and easily access their plans and financials.

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EFour ESchool is priced attractively to enable client organizations to help as many startups and SMEs as possible. Organizations can expand the number of enterprises they work with, enhance the skills of their current entrepreneurs, or support businesses they normally wouldn't have the resources to help.


Proposals are provided after a needs assessment is conducted with the client organization. We ensure that the right program is selected for the entreprenerus' skill level and tailor the program if needed.  Our goals are successful outcomes, client satisfaction, and delighted business owners.


Clients may choose to share the cost with their entrepreneurs to encourage ownership of the process.  Have questions?  Want to talk? Contact us.  


Learn more about EPlan, ECoaching and EFinancials.  Not exactly what you need?  We'll design a custom coaching program that fulfills your requirements.  We also do individual remote coaching and onsite training.  Fill in the form or email us so we can discuss your needs.



"The five-week online business program ECoaching was incredible. Thankful to our facilitators Donna Rosa and Arun and also the OECS for making this possible. Both the marketing and financial sections have given me more knowledge and insight.


Most significantly, the ECoaching financial tracker has been a great accounting and bookeeping model for my business, which was one of my main challenges. I would surely recommend this course to other entrepreneurs like myself especially in the creative industries."


Crystel Hilton, Crystel Hilton Designs