Target Entrepreneurs

Client Organizations and Entrepreneurs


   EFour programs are designed for the following types of  organizations:

  • Global aid/donor agencies focusing on small business development


  • Development consulting firms with microenterprise/SME development contracts


  • Companies and nonprofit organizations that support entrepreneurship


  • Development finance institutions


  • Venture capital and investment firms specializing in emerging economies 


  • Local governments with small business support programs


  • Chambers of commerce in, or partnered with, developing countries


  • Local community groups or cooperatives


  • Universities and school systems teaching entrepreneurship


  • Trade organizations and business associations


  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs supporting supply chains in low-income countries


  • Incubators and accelerators in or serving emerging economies


EFour programs can be used for startups and established businesses


EShool is suitable for entrepreneurs who:

  • Have some tertiary-level education or basic business training, including good communication, numeracy, and computer skills


  • Have a passion for starting or expanding a business


  • Need specialized help to write a business plan or understand financials


  • Require personalized guidance to identify growth and problem areas


  • Need help understanding business terms and principles, and applying them to their business


  • Would benefit from expert group coaching and peer learning


  • Are motivated and disciplined to complete the coursework each week, engage in discussion, and accept feedback during group sessions 


  • Have access to a computer with good speakers and microphone, printer, and reliable internet


"I am extremely happy to have gained some knowledge through the ECoaching experience. I have learnt so much in a short while and I am now able to make projections on my business as well as grow my business without fear.


Thanks to Donna and Arun for their exceptional hand-holding skills. Entrepreneurs should go through this process to be able to set SMART goals and achieve them."


Lilian A. Onyegbulam, Nigeria