Target Entrepreneurs


 EFour programs are designed for the following types of  organizations:

  • Global aid/donor agencies focusing on small business development


  • Development consulting firms with microenterprise/SME development contracts


  • Companies and nonprofit organizations that support entrepreneurship


  • Development finance institutions


  • Venture capital and investment firms specializing in emerging economies 


  • Local governments with small business support programs


  • Chambers of commerce in, or partnered with, developing countries


  • Local community groups or cooperatives


  • Universities and school systems teaching entrepreneurship


  • Trade organizations and business associations


  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs supporting supply chains in low-income countries


  • Incubators and accelerators in or serving emerging economies

EFour programs are for both startups and established businesses. They are suitable for entrepreneurs who:

  • Have some tertiary-level education or basic business training, including good communication, numeracy, and computer skills


  • Have a passion for starting or expanding a business


  • Need specialized help to write a business plan or understand financials


  • Require personalized guidance to identify growth and problem areas


  • Need help understanding business terms and principles, and applying them to their business


  • Would benefit from expert group coaching and peer learning


  • Are motivated and disciplined to complete the coursework each week, engage in discussion, and accept feedback during group sessions 


  • Have access to a computer with good speakers and microphone, printer, and reliable internet


Benefits to SME Support Programs, Organizations, and Donors


  • Extremely cost-effective; no travel costs or per diems for coaches, participants, or support staff, and group sessions provide personalized business advisory at lower cost than individual mentoring


  • Staff can easily participate in weekly sessions from anywhere


  • ESchool methodology demonstrates innovative use of technology


  • Programs focus on areas that most entrepreneurs struggle with: financials, marketing, and business plans


  • Entrepreneurs appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the tools, the handholding through difficult business concepts, the personalized feedback on their business situations, and the responsiveness to their questions.  They feel proud when they complete the courses.


Benefits for Entrepreneurs


  • Personalized feedback and advice relevant to their businesses


  • Weekly hourlong sessions can fit into busy schedules


  • No need to travel or take leave from work


  • Assignments can be completed over the course of a week


  • Group sessions provide networking and peer learning opportunities


  • Email support is always available between sessions

"I am extremely happy to have gained some knowledge through the ECoaching experience. I have learnt so much in a short while and I am now able to make projections on my business as well as grow my business without fear.


Thanks to Donna and Arun for their exceptional hand-holding skills. Entrepreneurs should go through this process to be able to set SMART goals and achieve them."


Lilian A. Onyegbulam, Nigeria

Client Organizations and Entrepreneurs