The ECoaching Program

Our flagship program was created to allow organizations to cost-effectively target the many microenterprises, both formal and informal, in low-income areas. These business owners require coaching more than business plans, which may be too complex or difficult due to a lack of business skills or training.  ECoaching is an introductory overview program that delivers customized, real-time, business-specific support.


Each week entrepreneurs complete homework assignments and engage in discussions about their businesses. They learn the basics of marketing, cash flow, and growth plans.  It's simple and effective. 

Sample ECoaching Sessions 


Session 1 – Overview worksheet to be completed prior to class, discussion of each participant’s responses, and instructions for marketing worksheet


Session 2 – Marketing discussion and instructions for cash flow part 1

Session 3 – Cash flow part 1 review and instructions for cash flow part 2


Session 4 – Cash flow part 2 with review/discussion on how to improve financials, and instructions for business goals 

Session 5 – Business Goals worksheet to be completed; review of business goals and any other outstanding business issues


Additional sessions can be added in order to continue or expand learning.


"This program is the best I've gotten on how to grow my business.  Especially the financial system." 


Obinna Daniel, Nigeria